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  We fell sure that a fair comparison of quality between our products and similar articles from other sources will convince you of the reasonableness of our prices, and, as a reslt, you will beready to accept what we quoted in our letter of April 6, 2001.


  The prices quoted are closely calculated and are considered moderate. As these articles are best-selling in various markets thanks to their superior quality, considerable business has been done with our other customers at these prices.

  Price adjustment


  On account of the Sterling devaluation and the advancing in market price of Cotton Piece Goods, we now adjust our prices in line with the price level prevailing in our trade with other European buyers.


  The present price fluctuation in the world market has necessitated the adjustment of price for Art. No. 81000 to RMB ¥0.525.


  In view of the fact that the contract signed between us for Woollen Flannel has, owing to your delay in opening L/C, been overdue for a long time and that the market price is still going on, we have to adjust the contracted price to RMB ¥3.50。

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